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Casa Verde Energy Limited

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much electricity can solar panels produce?
The amount of energy produced by solar panels depends on several factors, such as the size and type of panel, the angle and orientation to the sun, and local weather conditions. Depending on these factors, a single solar panel in the UK can produce 200-400kWh of electricity each year.

The average UK solar household has at least 10 panels, meaning that it's likely to produce 2,000kWh - 4,000kWh per year. The average household uses 3,500kWh each year, so that's a massive impact!

With a properly designed system in place, you can save money while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

What happens if no one is at home to use all of the electricity?
Not to fear! There are plenty of great uses for your cheap, green electricity.
The first option is for us to install a battery for you. The battery will charge from your solar panels during the day and use it to provide power when you get home.
If you have an existing immersion heater, the second option is for us to install a diverter so you can cheaply heat your boiler from the sun while you're not at home.
Lastly, as an MCS accredited provider, we ensure you can benedfit from your utility's Smart Energy Guarantee (SEG). This means your utility is obliged to pay you for every kWh that your panels send to the grid. For some utilities, that's as much as £0.15p per kWh!

What does the full installation process look like?
We've worked hard to streamline our process from design to installation to make sure your journey to cheap and clean energy is smooth and hassle free. The first step is to fill out a 2 minute questionnaire that gives us everything we need to design you a solar PV and / or battery system and estimate your energy savings. We then schedule an online proposal meeting to walk you through our proposed designs and help you refine them to best meet your needs. Next, we perform a quick 15 minute survey of your property to double check everything is as we expected. Just like that we're ready to schedule your installation!

See here for a quick summary of each step.

I just want solar panels, why do I need an inverter?
An inverter is a critical component of any residential solar installation. It converts the direct current (DC) electricity produced by your solar panels into alternating current (AC), which is the type of electricity used in your home. The AC power generated by your inverter allows you to use and store the energy that your solar panels produce, allowing you to make full use of the renewable energy source available from your solar system.